Thank You Daft Punk

Daft Punk’s growth and prominence in the Electronic music world has never been mentioned without acknowledging the influence they had on EDM (electronic dance music). Though house music had a huge resurgence in Europe in the latter half of the 2000s, Daft Punk never took a back seat and continued their own evolution as artists. The same way I did, as I grew with the cultural sounds of different music eras as I tried to fit in with other groups. I was musically raised on Spanish Pop, Pop, Disco, and Hip-Hop, now my ears are keen on sounds and the music I further pursue (go listen) always has remnants of those influences within. That is why I gravitated a lot to the two robots. They understood what I liked, and it was great that you liked the same, even if you are two french musicians and I’m some music nerd from New Jersey.

Daft Punk’s albums are unique and bright in their own ways. Discovery and Random Access Memories are elegant masterpieces that will always stand the test of time, but they were more than just that. Their disco-funk centric electronic sound bled everywhere that their hands would touch.

Daft Punk was always there to fill that void of eclectic and vibrant dance music. From “Hypnotize U,” to “Starboy,” and “I Feel It Coming,” the world never felt as empty since you’d be there to keep the dance floor grooving.  And when if we weren’t grooving we were listening to your amazing co-productions on Yeezus and co-writing on Pharrell Williams’ song “Gust of Wind.”

I find it bittersweet looking back and seeing that “I Feel It Coming” with The Weeknd was their last single, released. One of my first loves in music was Disco-Pop and it ends on high note with a glamorous gem Disco-Pop hit from the duo.

Thank you for all the music. You’ve given us fans a lot and though it may be the end of an era, your music will continue to reach past the stars for eons.

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