Playlist: A Portrait For Tony Bennett

I’ve always had this unique upbringing with music. It started with hip-hop before descending back in time to a time where popular music ranged from an era of Swing, Traditional Pop, Jazz to one of New Wave and Adult Contemporary. With the plethora of artists, a few names stuck through like Tears for Fears and Tony Bennett. Tony, like many contemporaries, shared songs throughout the years since intellectual property didn’t have the weight it does today — the songwriting and construction further made it easier to discover variations attuned to your preference. Because of this, you can choose a different sensation when it comes to the dance floor. Tony Bennett is known for his lovely vocal pitch that resonates with smooth jazz while encompassing a broader picture in pop. 

I’m not going to come here and break down the aspects of Tony that make him astounding. If you’re of my age, 27, ask your parents about Tony or go on a journey during a weekend day — with a glass of bourbon neat and let the music whisk you away. From countless Traditional Pop records and smooth jazz, a lot of the music Tony embodied had a cadence, and as he grew into bringing the groove, you knew there was nothing that could stop that voice. As I wrap up, I’d like to say this playlist below is a little dear to me — the music took me through a weird journey on my first hallucinogenic trip in New York City. I hope you enjoy it and don’t forget to check out the legend’s final duets album with Lady Gaga this weekend. 

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